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Customized Smoke Ventilation System For Trailer (150000-20000m3 Maximum smoke extraction capacity ) Ready To Ship


Thank you fo customers’ trust, ordered 6 sets trailer smoke exhaust fan thank you our designers, technical engineers, and workers. Despite the high temperatures and scorching heat, we still adhere to the testing front line, constantly testing and adjusting, meticulously, in order to make excellent products and win the trust of customers. Thank you to our sales team for communicating with customers day and night. After 4 months, we have successfully delivered the Direct Drive Smoke Exhaust System.

ZSPY15-20 is the most common and large-scale vehicle mounted smoke exhaust equipment in the industry. With its diversified configurations, it can achieve landing and positive and negative pressure exhaust on side vehicles. This vehicle mounted smoke exhaust system is very suitable for ventilation and smoke exhaust in large warehouses, commercial buildings,   high-rise buildings, subways, tunnels, underground parking lots, public rehabilitation areas and other large places. Equipped with a water mist generator, it can spray water mist, quickly reduce the temperature of the fire, and suppress strong, high temperature, toxic, flammable and other gases.